Audio Tape Cassette Player Wet Head Cleaner & Demagnetizer

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Product Overview

Wet Audio Cassette Tape Head Cleaner & Demagnetizer. Demagnetizes and cleans head, capstan, pinch rollers, and automatically reverses when finished! Every time you play, forward and rewind an audio tape cassette, it will leave oxide and other residues on the cassette player's head. This will cause unwanted noise and lower quality while playing or recording and reduces the life of your device. Use this amazing kit to clean and maintain your Cassette player/ recorder. Kit includes One head cleaner cassette + head cleaner liquid solutions - Poke the seal on the cap of the solution bottle, and Simply place about 2-3 drops onto the cleaner tape and play it into your cassette player/recorder until it stops. The tape can be used over and over until the liquid is finished. Rare - Not available in stores. If you still have your valuable collection of cassette tapes, cassette players at home, car, or at school, YOU NEED THIS. Makes a great gift for anyone who has!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review