Camera Lens Filter Wrench Set for 62mm-77mm Filters, Package of 2

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Filter wrench set for removing stuck filter('s) from the front of your camera lens. You can also use it to separate two Filters that are stuck together. I know other sellers are selling these one at a time on eBay but they are not supposed to be used one at a time. If you have a newer autofocus lens and try to wrench a filter off by using one wrench by itself you run the risk of breaking the lens. There is a piece inside the lens that serves as a stop that stops the lens from focusing when it reaches either end, both at the closest focusing distance and infinity. To much pressure and you break the stop point and ruin the lens. This set is to be used with care when working a stuck filter loose from a lens. Use the wrenches together, one opposing the other so no stress is put on the lens stop. If you have two filters stuck together try putting them between the palms of your hand and then rotating them apart, usually works. These wrenches have saved me a few times and they are great to have if you need them. They will work on filters between 62 to 77mm. They are made of black plastic.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review