Motorized VHS-C Cassette Adapter For JVC C-P7U CP6BKU C-P6U,Panasonic PV-P1,RCA VCA115 *Open Box*

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Product Overview

Motorized Cassette Adapter

Easy Conversion From VHS-C To Standard VHS Format

(Motorized So Tape Loading And Unloading Is Fast And Easy)

Note: Required One AA Battery Are Not Included


VHS-C adapter : This adapter allows you to play your camcorder’s compact VHS-C tape in any VCR

Easy Instructions For Use

  • Slide open cover in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • Place your VHS-C tape into the adapter.
  • Slide cover shut.
  • Place VHS-C adapter in your VCR player and press play. Note: The VHS- Tape must be tight in its housing.
  • To remove your VHS-C tape slide the door down and push up from the bottom of the adapter through the two holes in the bottom of the adapter.


**Warranty Are Elegible For Replacement Within 6 Months From The Original Purchase date **


Warranty Information

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review